Sagra del Redentore: for Nuoro and for Sardinia it represents an important event for aspects related to the spirituality of the anniversary, a sense of belonging and self-recognition for citizens and Sardinians in general; strong attraction for emigrants and tourist reference of the event, now the event has become the largest summer festival in Sardinia. The slogan of the event is “The future of traditions”. Accompanied by a majestic parade of traditional costumes of Sardinia (about 3000 participants), the over one hundred women in costume and the parade of knights (over 300) with the Regional Festival of Popular Traditions represent an event that attracts thousands of visitors who every year are enthusiastic about the colors, scents, delights, music and the variety of costumes. Enriched with events and events capable of enhancing every aspect of value offered by the Sardinian territory., with Spazio Mp2, chosen for the elegance that has distinguished the more than 2 km of snake of people in the center of the event. Elegance, therefore, but also safety and great ductility. A great applause also goes to Allestire Show, the only dealer for Sardinia.