“A historic edition, the Salone with the most visitors ever. We had assumed 70-80,000. The largest trade fair since Covid.
Leafing through a book makes less noise than breaking through the windows of the CGIL, but leafing through thousands of them makes a noise on which one must reflect”, underlines the director of the Salone, Nicola Lagioia.

Yes, really a Show of records: 2,000 visitors more than the last edition, the one without pandemic of 2019, reaching the remarkable figure of 150,000 visitors over 5 days of the event. A real people of visitors who have neatly respected the rules imposed by the current protocols, but who have been able to take advantage of the over 18,000 square meters more obtained inside the pavilions of the Lingotto Fiere, a prestigious and famous Turin exhibition center, as well as a historical Italian industrial piece.
Moreover, almost 12,000 students of which over 2,000 from outside Piedmont, a symptom that culture is important and that the Salone del Libro is its proponent and testimonial of excellence. Even on the web and on social media , the Salone FA the numbers: over 170,000 visits to the main site, 14 million users reached with direct Facebook, + 15% on Instagram compared to 2019, over 300 passages between national and international TV and radio.

For us, Transenne.net, it is truly a pride to have taken part in this project.
Really a great pride to have been part of this all-Italian EXCELLENCE.

What else to add if not an immense thanks to the whole team of the Turin Book Fair, to Marazzi Noleggio for having followed as always with us all the logistical part and to all those who have poured neatly to a unique event of its kind.

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