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MP Metal Space

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Born from the same concept as the Spazio Mp2, they are sturdy and light metal barriers, using the innovative modular system

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MP Metal Space

The SPAZIO MP METAL Barriers are robust and lightweight. Born from the same project as the Spazio Mp2, they therefore use the same modular system of quick and easy installation, created and therefore destined to delimit the areas of any event. With Spazio Mp Metal metal barriers, it is therefore possible to create boundaries, separations and mandatory lanes during small events or large events. Thanks to the complete range of accessories and their design, spazio MP METAL metal barriers can be used in all ground conditions and for different purposes, with the certainty of guaranteeing maximum safety to people during events. The quality of the materials and the care in the production cycle ensure a long life to the product.

Using the same line of accessories and the same design, they can be used with SPAZIO MP2 barriers.
Thanks to the modularity offered by the SPAZIO MP METAL Barrier system, it is possible to create gates, lanes and divisions in sectors with total simplicity to delimit the areas and regulate the inflows respecting the standards imposed by law.
The particular lightness of the SPAZIO MP METAL barriers allows you to position them without any effort. At the same time, the system of joining a single foot with two panels allows to create a single body, greatly increasing the robustness of the entire delimitation line.
For a better logistical organization, the SPAZIO MP METAL Barriers are placed on special galvanized or wooden pallets, facilitating their transport and minimizing the space required for storage.



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