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Trash and Clean

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Recycling bin with customizable graphics.


Trash and Clean

Trash and Clean: Recycling bins for events


TRASH AND CLEAN bins are dedicated areas for organizing separate waste collection.


The cbins for separatewaste collection TRASH AND CLEAN of are dedicated areas for organizing separate waste collection during demonstrations and public events.


The wide visibility guarantees an excellent result of the separate waste collection during the event as well as a strategic diffusion of the advertising message fully customizable.



Communication and Ecology



The TRASH AND CLEAN bin combines its function as a “small center for separate waste collection” with effective communication of the message through their fully customizable graphics.


Features of TRASH AND CLEAN recycling bins


TRASH AND CLEAN bins offer numerous advantages that make them the ideal choice for public events and demonstrations. This is why they are a perfect solution for waste management:


  • Long Lasting: a structure designed to be long-lasting. No risk of wear, the message will never lose visibility thanks to the quality of the materials used to make the TRASH AND CLEAN bins.


  • Ease of use: Foldable, easy to handle and light. The TRASH AND CLEAN bins are self-supporting and simple to use: they open and position themselves. The bags, once full, are easily removed and replaced.


  • Minimum size: The low weight and small size make transportation and storage convenient.




How to use and applications



There will no longer be any mess or disorganized areas: thanks to the Trash and Clean recycling bins you will be able to create a single recycling centre</b > during your event which will facilitate waste recovery and which will give added value to the image of your event.


Trash and Clean bins can be used in dedicated areas to manage and promote separate waste collection, with the help of fully customizable advertising or information messages on a structure made up of 4 1×1 m panels.


Each panel that makes up the “ecological island” is totally customizable according to customer preferences.



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