Safety barriers they are a strategic and effective solution for hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare companies, where the public presence must be organized according to the efficiency and rationality of the spaces and paths, in order to guarantee the safety and good exercise of the activities in progress. This is even more necessary where there are specific areas intended for the management of medical and health emergencies. Their usefulness is linked to the ability to create an effective control and delimitation of spaces, while allowing a clear and effective visual communication through the affixing of adequate signage.

The health spaces that can be managed by the Safety Barriers can be both indoors, i.e. inside hospital facilities and related to the management of machines and patient care, or more simply during maintenance work, or outdoors, i.e. located outside buildings.

The latter case may be connected to the presence of extraordinary first aid areas or intended for the storage of medical materials and equipment, such as oxygen cylinders or other equipment.

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The safety barriers are very effective in the management of contingent entrances and exits, if it is necessary to generate organized flows and in the event that external presences are not allowed.

The Safety Barriers in the health sector allow, therefore, an effective, rapid and easily manageable circumscription, delimitation and immediate reporting of specific areas of intervention.

The possibility of customizing the Barriers is such as to allow the practical communication of the reasons that imply prohibitions and channeling, and therefore contributes to making the prescription clearer, immediate and usable.