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Anti-tipping barriers

Anti-tipping barrier – Ideal for concerts, events and stage area protection


The Anti-Tip Barriers, designed to guarantee maximum safety and practicality in every situation, stand out for their resistance, ease of transport and quick installation, offering a reliable solution for the delimitation of sensitive areas.

  • Resistance certification passed: Our anti-tipping barriers have successfully passed the load test conducted by the TUV, confirming their robustness and resistance. They comply with current legislation for the ability to resist over 300 Nw/mt (Decreto Gabrielli), guaranteeing reliable protection in work and public environments.


  • Ergonomic design and small size: Unlike classic 1 meter panic barriers, our barriers are designed with a length of 2 meters. This aspect translates into significant advantages, including reduced transportation costs and a shorter installation time. The compact design of the barriers makes them highly practical and suitable for different situations.


  • Ease of folding & ease of transport: Our barriers close on themselves, making them extremely easy to transport. Thanks to the integrated wheels, it is possible to accompany the barriers to the installation site without the need for lifting. This aspect allows for rapid positioning and optimal efficiency in setting up spaces.


  • Elegance and discretion: The anti-tipping barriers have an elegant matt black color that adapts harmoniously to any environment. Their matte surface does not reflect light, making them particularly suitable for events such as concerts and demonstrations, where visibility and atmosphere are important.


  • Quality materials direct from our company: Our anti-tipping barriers are made with high quality materials, ensuring long life and superior resistance. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified company carefully controls every stage of the production process to guarantee the highest quality of the final product.


  • Simple installation via hook – loop: The installation of the anti-tipping barriers occurs via hook – loop, eliminating the need to join or screw the individual elements. This makes installation fast, intuitive and complication-free, allowing immediate use of the barriers.


Our anti-tipping barriers offer a safe, practical and elegant solution for delimiting spaces in various contexts. Complying with resistance regulations, easy to transport and install, our barriers represent a reliable choice to meet safety and practicality needs.

Choose direct quality from our company and guarantee optimal management of your sensitive areas.


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Product Specifications:

Foldable and transportable via

Foldable and transportable via "Piston" and Wheel system

Platform made with non-slip checkerboard sheet metal

Platform made with non-slip checkerboard sheet metal

Installation of Barriers using the

Installation of Barriers using the "Hook - Loop" System

Technical specifications

The anti-tipping barriers were finished with the cataphoresis treatment.


Cataphoretic coating offers numerous benefits, including:


  • Excellent corrosion and rust protection.


  • Resistance to chemical agents, bad weather and wear.


  • Uniform coating even on complex and inaccessible surfaces.


  • Low solvent emission, making it an environmentally friendly process.


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Weight: approx. 70kg per panel

Weight: approx. 70kg per panel

Dimensions: 2m x 1.25m

Dimensions: 2m x 1.25m

Color: Matte Black

Color: Matte Black