Barriers and people counters: here’s what could be done to ensure the continuity of work and our free time

2021 began with the promise and bogeyman of a new Prime Ministerial Decree coming soon.

But, apart from the “colors” of our regions that have changed again conditioning the commercial life of our entire country until next March 05, in the end, the essential protocols to guarantee our health, have always remained the same: social distancing, the use of the mask and the sanitization of hands, objects and workplaces.

Therefore, in the new Prime Ministerial Decree of 14/01/2021 we continue to talk about how to cope with the extraordinary, but now more and more “ordinary” need for distinguish entry from exit, delimit areas, close accesses, channel and manage people, up to having to organize their quotas, both inside and outside large realities (shopping centers, outdoor markets, schools, airports, playgrounds, public swimming pools, gyms, churches, hospitals, sports centers but also in the same companies).

If at first, from mid-2020, it was enough to respond with impromptu and urgent solutions, with the passing of the months, we still realized the real need to deal with these topics in a more structured, effective, professional and rational way.

But how will we be able to adapt to this new challenge that will surely continue throughout this 2021?

Certainly applying a whole series of good practices in compliance with the protocols.
For example, limiting and controlling the numbers at the entrance and exit gates with a barrier system that allows you to manage the rows / queues but also the internal capacities of your areas, in order to better pursue all the most basic anti-gathering rules and managing to limit the flow of people as much as possible.

The system, with the
Spazio Mp2 Barriers
, with its own barrier systems with
people counters
it could be the modular solution to manage and regulate access and exit flows, perhaps guaranteeing with mandatory routes that lead guests in a more targeted and streamlined way, so as to guarantee numerical recycling, dividing and controlling not only internal areas, but also those outside the same structures to be quotad.

Below is a series of images of how it was done and how it could be provided by better structuring the areas to be controlled and delimited.

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