protagonist in Monza on the occasion of the Monza Rally Show. The partnership with A-Style team, an international team that went to Brianza with 5 cars, all Ford Fiesta, both WRC and S2000, allowed to present itself in the Monza paddocks with three models of its barriers. In addition to the classic Spazio MP2, in the special high-visibility Krypton color, which is the novelty of the year 2013, presented the two previews for the 2014 season, barriers that aim to create a new space in the field of visual communication.


Spazio MPromo is the first novelty: the modular folding barrier, usable in the 3, 4 and 6 meter ranges, combines the fence and securing the spaces with the communication of advertising or signal messages. Spazio MPromo barriers can be laid in a few seconds, can be managed by a single person, and are self-supporting. In the case of critical conditions it is also possible to use them with specific accessories such as flat foot and picket, which make the fence created even more solid.

Spazio MPromo barriers are fully customizable and use a special breathable and easily interchangeable mesh. The barrier is entirely modular, it is supplied already mounted but in case it is necessary to replace the graphics it is possible to do the operation directly from the user. In fact, the panel is blocked by a special gripper on the ground that anchors the net to the structure, making every meter of barrier perfectly solid.
Another novelty of the Monza Rally Show for was the debut of Spazio MP Trash, or the same Spazio MPromo barrier with the special accessory that transforms it, in a few seconds, into a trash can and separate collection. The accessory consists of a particular galvanized metal structure that incorporates four rings, to which the garbage bag is easily applied. The bags, once full, are easily withdrawn as the barrier allows the opening of one side as if it were a door and from which it is possible to take the full bags and replace them in comfort.