The Italian Roller Skating Championships were held on the weekend of June 9th., a leading brand in Italy in the production of barriers, has collaborated with the organizers to allow the perfect success of the event. Hundreds of meters of MP3 Space have been positioned to protect the circuit and in nearby areas to separate forbidden areas and areas dedicated to the public.


Excellent feedback obtained, thanks to the characteristics that distinguish the Spazio MP3 barriers. The blue color of the net gave a great visual impact to the entire structure, while the spazio MP3 krypton high visibility barriers were used to signal the safety zones.

For the organizers it was very easy to install them: thanks to the small weight, only 7 kilos, the panels were placed in each place in a very short time, using a limited number of people. The result obtained is splendid: great feeling of order, linearity, visual impact, with the classic Italian blue to highlight the ownership of the event.

It is with satisfaction that Cristiano Mandelli, sales and marketing manager of, recounts the collaboration with the organizers of the Italian Roller Skating Championship: “We enthusiastically accepted the collaboration with the organizers, who immediately understood, at the first meeting, the qualities that distinguish our barriers. The collaboration then did not end with the end of the Championships but will also continue for other events scheduled in June to confirm that the satisfaction is mutual, both for us and for the organizing body. For us it was once again the demonstration that the characteristics of our barriers, unique in their kind, are particularly suitable for sporting events: lightweight, easy to install, high visibility and easy to store, thanks to the special pallet that contains the beauty of 40 linear meters, stackable, which allows you to put even in small deposits large sizes of barriers “.