The organizers of the Italian Grand Prix of Formula One have chosen the SPAZIO MP2 barriers in the brand new PROMO version to use them in the drivers’ enclosure area. During the weekend of the Formula One Grand Prix, the SPAZIO MP2 PROMO barriers, personalized with the official logos of the Grand Prix, will be used to fence off the interview area dedicated to Formula One drivers and will be put in place from Thursday to Sunday, right in the center of the Monza paddock.

The ease of installation, the lightness, the handling and above all the practicality and the great aesthetic impact have allowed the SPAZIO MP2 Promo barriers to be chosen as the ideal product to be used in front of a global, demanding parterre, where the smallest detail and the slightest imperfection are taken care of. Once again, when you need safety, order, aesthetics, elegance, TRANSENNE.NET is present.