also this year participated in the ResegUp, now in its tenth edition.

The ResegUp is like this and the organizers of the ASD 2Slow have made school and the athletes have given a show.
An exciting race, fought meter by meter, supported by an audience that literally brought all the athletes
from Lecco center to the top of the Resegone
and back.

For the tenth anniversary edition, the ResegUp of Lecco has given itself (so to speak) a hot day, sometimes very hot and full of sun! On all fronts: both the competitive one (at the start a large batch of top runners), and that of the race conditions, with the inexorable burst of summer along the itinerary of an appointment that, in the short turn of a decade in fact, has become a heartfelt event in the Larian town and beyond. So much so that the ResegUp is in all probability the most participated
of the
national panorama: 1250 members, 958 those able to escape the leghold trap of time gates and complete the distance in the maximum time of 6 hours. Obviously, the winners and the top runners, it took much, much less.
In the late afternoon / evening, then, the catwalk of those who are not “extraterrestrials” began. but they spat their souls to carry out their dream. A dream that began a few months ago with the first races in the plains and then on, on increasingly “inclined” terrain. The
time no longer counts because at ResegUp the important thing is to be there!

More than satisfied the president of ASD 2Slow,
Paolo Sala
who comments so hot, a few minutes before the awards: “… a truly extraordinary and sun-kissed 10th edition. … The 10th edition makes us say that cool! … How do you stop with ResegUp? Next year you will find us here again!”

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