Last weekend in Milan, the Novegro Exhibition Park hosted QuattroZampeInFiera, the most important event dedicated to dogs, cats and their owners. So, last Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 June c / o the pavilions of Novegro (MI) was held the event considered par excellence, the most “IN” event to have fun with the most trusted friends and to choose the right animal and compatible with your lifestyle.

Arrived from all over Italy and from all over Europe many specimens of rather rare feline breeds, such as the sweet Exotic Shorthair, Persian with “the look of a teddy bear”; the North American Ragdoll or “doll cat”, with blue eyes; the curious Devon Rex, also known as the “alien cat” and the Maine Coon, the giant good-hearted kitten. These were some of the “pearls” present at the long-awaited International Feline Exhibition – Milano International Cat Show – curated by the Lombard section of ANFI (Associazione Nazionale Felina Italiana) and FIFe (Fédération Internationale Féline). An event that hosted numerous cats, all competing for the achievement of the various titles provided for by the protocol of the International Championship, with the final proclamation of the Best Of Best selected by a jury of experts. All this is part of the activities aimed at getting to know our life companions better, offering specifically the opportunity to closely observe the mysterious world of cats, with its thousand colors, shades and oddities.

Other initiatives are instead designed for the canine universe, always with a view to informing those who want to welcome a new four-legged “son” into the family. Against abandonment, within the exhibition an area reserved for Pet Friendly Tourism has also been created to allow owners to learn about the many travel solutions and the numerous accommodation facilities open to four-legged friends (hotels, B & B, farmhouses, campsites, holiday villages, cruises, tours). Another area in which QuattroZampeInFiera has always been engaged is that of sports and recreational activities for dogs.

Thanks to the collaboration with CSEN Cinofilia – the major sports promotion body recognized by CONI – also in this Milanese edition visitors, together with their inseparable companions, were able to get to know by approaching the most fun sports disciplines and entertaining themselves with exhibitions and demonstrations of Agility Dog, Rally Obedience, CaniCross, Disc Dog and Splash Dog.
Massimo Perla – well-known television face and national manager of CSEN Cinofilia – with the educators and technicians of the CSEN dog schools, made himself available to give information and advice on the subject to all interested parties.
QuattroZampeInFiera, born five years ago, is therefore now a great event designed to be suitable for dogs and cats, or to allow owners to have fun and learn more about their animals in a festive two-day race exhibitions, conferences, events, shopping, outdoor races, water games and great moments of entertainment.
With over 22,000 visitors and 6,500 dogs present (2016 data), QuattroZampeInFiera is a well-established brand at all levels, able to attract more and more exhibitors, including companies – large and small – of pet food, supplements, hygiene and health products, clothing, accessories and innovative and trendy services.

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