Thanks to the impeccable organization of the friends of Eco Race Events, the appointment with the Olympic Triathlon returns to the Idroscalo.

The race distances are the canonical ones of the Olympic triathlon races, namely: 1.5 km for the swimming fraction, 40 km for the cycling one and 10 km for the running one.

The first fraction will therefore see the athletes start already in the water in the basin of the Idroscalo Milanese. The athletes will have to face a single ring of 1500 meters, at the end of which they can pick up the bikes in the change area and take themselves on the path of the cycling fraction. In the saddle, then the laps to be done will be 7, on a multi lap route (closed to traffic), entirely flat and therefore extremely fast and spectacular.
The 10 km of the last part of the race will be run entirely inside the park on a track that will alternate stretches of dirt road with others of asphalt, to then cross the finish line just below the stands and among the applause of the audience present.

Service: Transport + installation

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