Monza Power Run 2016:

10 kilometers with obstacles and an arrival in the middle of a square full of Food Trucks: these are some of the ingredients that have attracted more than 2 thousand people in the center of Villasanta.

The MPR16, now in its 4th edition and ended again this year with applause and fun at 360 degrees last Saturday 16 July and after the race, on Sunday 17 July, it continued with the Street Runners Party between Vespiadi, the Olympics of the Vespas and salami and beer competitions.

Between a laugh and a climb, all participants have always had in mind the charitable purpose of the Monza Power Run: the fundraising for research on leukemia that characterized the craziest of the Brianza races in recent years.

Characterized as usual by the first 9 kilometers of the race always held inside the Monza Park and then ending in the municipality of Villasanta for the last 1000 meters among the last desperate obstacles: mud, foam, ropes, climbs, cages and finally a giant slide.

The participants were more than 1500, including a small group of crazy people with goliardic disguises, who paraded through the streets of Villasanta and then arrived at the arrival in Piazza Europa, where the brand new “Villaggio Gara” was set up with numerous refreshment points for the classic “street food” and a stage for concerts.

Over 250 volunteers fielded by the organizing association of the event, Lele Forever. The proceeds will be donated in full to the fight against leukemia with projects such as Casa Lele and Lory.

Curiosity: In the town square in Villasanta, there was a container to climb over with a slide of about 20 meters from which it re-emerged submerged in foam. New and exciting were also the Ringer Mad (in Piazza Gervasoni). An obstacle consisting of 5 ropes to climb to get to ring a bell. Then the Alcatraz (in the church square), an obstacle formed by cages to be crossed…. immersed in the water!!

While speaking of crazy disguises, at the end of the non-competitive race, they animated the evening with a concert the Miwa, concert on the notes of cartoon songs complete with a superhero mask.

Awarded on the same stage, after the thanks of the president Roberto Brandazzi and the entertainment of Fabio Marelli of Disco Radio, the first woman and the first man arrived at the end of the race, the prize? But of course: participation in the Monza Power Run 2017!!!! FORTUNELLI!!!!

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