18th year of life, one would say: “maturity exam”!
The Milan Marathon, now in its 18th edition, has passed the exam with flying colors.
In fact, there are well over 17,000 classified who have allowed the EA7 Milano Marathon 2018 to break through another wall and head at full speed towards the goal of 20,000, set as a goal to be achieved in the next two years (word of RCS Sport). The progress of the numbers, for its part, has already been started since last year and is unequivocally growing. Evidence: more people on the street and an efficient organization also with the new anti-terrorism controls of the Gabrielli law applied to the letter in the “red zone” at the start/finish line of Corso Venezia and in the Montanelli Gardens. Transenne.net participated, creating with Spazio Mp2 18 access gates all around the red zone, thus creating special control areas, channeling and outflow areas, exits and emergency gates, of which 8 gates equipped with the brand new Mp Counter accessory. This system allows you to automatically count accesses and outflows, thus exploiting the natural channeling of people to the incoming control of the same red zone through the metal detectors used for the occasion. All monitored in real time by the organizers, thus allowing a capillary and concrete control over the inflow and outflow of the public in certain areas of the same event.
Milano Marathon 2018: Fatigue, sweat, crisis and disappointment… but then, the marathon, knows how to bring out better than every person: the courage to reach the finish line! … Which then is the “beauty of sport”… and of those who tenaciously pursue projects and dreams. Transenne.net was there

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Service: Rental + transport and installation + Mp Counter

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