As usual, after the Paduan stage, we arrive at the Milanese stage in that of the Exhibition Park of Novegro / Segrate (MI) – in front of Idroscalo, where thanks to Quattro Zampe in Fiera, the beautiful, colorful and very popular thematic kermesse for our “Four-Legged” friends was held. An event, a fair, an event dedicated to them! An incredible two days, where you could touch the world of our “four-legged” friends among the various stands, including tests, exhibitions and competitions of any kind. An increasingly large audience follows this type of “events” and Quattro Zampe in Fiera, is a leader in the national organization of this type of event. Among the many guests of the event many well-known faces of TV such as: the champion of the 4-legged friends of Striscia la Notizia Edoardo Stoppa, the beautiful Juliana Moreira, the presenter “Iena” Nadia Toffa, the inimitable Marco Berry, the “our Lady Good Evening” Susanna Messaggio and many others … had again the honor and the task of accompanying his Four-Legged friends back to the Fair. and we hope to be in Naples next autumn

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