The initiative was carried out by Franco Vismara and Antonio Noris, who found in the Lombardy Region and in Arexpo the ideal partners to say “… finally we realized a dream that we had been cultivating for 7 years …“, said Vismara, president of the Organizing Committee, who finally realized the dream with a great show at Milan, EXPO area, at the foot of theTree of Life, near Palazzo Italia.
Then they were placed a ramp 130 meters long and 47 meters high!!! Highly visible ramp from the A8 Milano Laghi and the A4 Torino Trieste, covered with about 600 tons of snow, partly produced on site, but Vismara wanted to specify that “… five trucks of snow we brought them from Valmalenco ..“.

120 athletes from 35 different nations (men and women) gathered for the first round of the Big Air Snowboard and Ski World Cup. was literally the setting with the public at the event, being the backdrop to this “very special” 3 days of autumn in Milan of winter races at a high technical and competitive level.

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