Sunday 10/09 took place the UniSalute Run Tune Up, despite the rain. The race, also called Mezza di Bologna, does not betray expectations and gives a thousand emotions to those who decide to challenge the bad weather. It is a race that gives thrills and surprises from the first corners and from the start, because there are Laura Fogli, the godmother and above all Gianni Morandi, the testimonial par excellence, who gives jokes, enthusiasm, passion. The countdown is punctuated by Stefano Soverini, the father of the race, in the only moment in which Giove Pluvio grants a respite to Bologna. Then, in fact, the spectacle of the race, with its thousand stories. The Ukrainian who brings home the success has an incredible one. Eighth race in Emilia Romagna and eighth success. But a victory that must be told because Vasil, until a few hours before the start, was in Domodossola, witness of the wedding of his best friend. At 2 o’clock he was still in Piedmont and got into the car and, accompanied by a friend, was able to rest for three hours. “For this reason – underlines this Ukrainian who has been in our country since 2002 – I left guarded, because I did not know how much gasoline I had in my legs. I have to thank our president, Nerio Morotti, who pushed for my arrival here.”

Beautiful story, that of Vasil, also sorry for his rival Magagnoli. “He was in front of me – insists the Ukrainian – he fell and got up again. I asked him if everything was fine. When he explained to me that he had recovered, I started running again. Then I lost sight of it.” The final yellow was explained: Magagnoli took a different path from the route, thus remaining cut off from the final classification. There is also room for a negative emotion because Rudy Magagnoli, winner of the last two editions of the Casaglia-San Luca, is in the group of the first until the nineteenth kilometer, then he takes the wrong path and is cut off from the podium.

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