, the portal dedicated to the innovative modular barriers SPAZIO MP and their accessories, will be a partner of the World Indoor Trial Championship in the Italian stage that will be held Saturday, March 19, 2011 at the Forum of Assago.For the occasion, the organizers will have the opportunity to use the SPAZIO MP2 barriers in modules of mt.2×1 with which they will be able to fence the areas of the route and make them safe for competitors, insiders and the public.

Thanks to the lightness but also to the great strength that distinguishes them, obtained using tubular diameter 32 mm. for the entire frame and colored extruded mesh, and thanks also to the particular conformation that allows the use of particular feet that guarantee the anchoring of two panels to the same foot, it is possible to obtain the desired fence in a very short time, with extreme ease of installation.

The result, after laying, is to have a perfectly linear and visible protection, with an extraordinary aesthetic impact. The complementarity of the panels, in fact, makes the delimitation obtained a single block and therefore robust and solid despite the low weight of the barrier; the color makes the fence very beautiful, continuous and orderly.
The MODULAR SPAZIO MP2 barriers, thanks to the holes placed on the network, also facilitate the application of advertising panels, which benefit in visibility.
SPAZIO MP2 is the ideal barrier for major events, so much so that it can be used in the main national and international events: Winter Olympics in Vancouver 2010 and Turin 2006, Ski World Cup, Trial World Championship 2009 in Barzio, main cycling events in Italy, sporting events, events, etc ..
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Spazio MP modular barriers are produced by FASB Linea 2 Srl, which also takes care of their marketing and rental.