will supply the most important motoring event in Brianza with the SPAZIO MP2 barriers

The SPAZIO MP2 barriers will be supplied in blue, to give even greater impact to an event that looks spectacular. Events with acrobatic trials, with quads and stuntmen, but also Jorge Lorenzo’s minibike piloting school. These are the collateral events to the exhibition that will take place inside the pavilions of Lario Fiere.

Outside there will also be rallies of Ferrari, Harley Davidson, Tuning and many two- and four-wheeled clubs. The SPAZIO MP2 barriers, exclusive to the TRANSENNE.NET brand, have been chosen to secure all areas and contain the influx of the public, estimated at a few tens of thousands of people.

Afterwards, after the event, we will publish a dedicated gallery.

{gallery}Brianza Motor Show 2015{/gallery}