On October 3, 2015 the 2nd edition of the “Trainer® Cani Eroi Show” was held at the Idroscalo in Milan. In this splendid Milanese setting, 200 Hero Dogs performed spectacular demonstrations of rescue in the water, search on rubble up to the sweetest ones of pet-therapy. The purpose of this initiative is to spread what are the real uses of the dog friend in our increasingly distracted society. even today they are used alongside man in the defense of life and in the protection of people in danger or in the normal daily difficulties of disability.

Their work in the Civil Protection: rescue in water, search for people missing as a result of earthquakes, avalanches or other natural disasters, up to the simple accompaniment of disabled people up to the modern and very useful pet-therapy. These are all areas that see the dog as the undisputed protagonist. A valuable work of our dearest domestic friends.
Transenne.net, Spazio Mp2 chosen for their practicality, manageability and elegance in surrounding such an important event, served to bring the citizen closer to the realities of “first aid and rescue” provided by these beautiful 4-legged friends.