Surely for fans of the genre it is considered a legendary race, defined by someone as “a race to the edge of the sky” Starting from the center of Lecco up to the Resegone and then down, swooping down to Piazza Cermenati.

1039 heroes/entries for this 2017 edition, with 24 km to run and with a difference in height of 1800 meters.
Crazy stuff, come to think of it. Especially if the mercury column marks 30 degrees and the sun burns like never before on this Saturday, June 3, 2017.

The eighth edition of the Resegup finally kicks off, the competition most loved by runners of all ages, who came to the Manzoni city from all over the Province but also from Valtellina, Valsassina and even Romania for this grueling race, for people who are not intimidated by anything, certainly not by the heat or fatigue. But perhaps this is precisely the “why” of this event that integrates with the beautiful city of Lecco, the lake and the panorama that surrounds it, unique and exciting; and then continue with the view that can be admired from Pian Serada, near the Azzoni Refuge, an extraordinary balcony overlooking the city and the province of Lecco, therefore able to give a unique image over the whole brianza.
Then passing by the tiny Morterone, the smallest town in Italy, which the athletes touch on their downhill path before going up to the Piani d’Erna, the point of arrival but also of departure of paths and via ferratas.

The Resegup is a race that was born with the aim of joining the lake to the mountain and the citizen to the skyrunner. And the whole journey, at least for some, will be covered in less than three hours!! The others, the “many”, those who will stop along the way admiring perhaps the natural landscape, will be able to say “I was there!”

Someone says that this race is one of those experiences that remain in the heart, that can be told to children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in front of the fireplace, and if you think about it it could really be so.

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