Hide and seek World Championship, where those who are not found win! Never. Nor – for ideological consistency – at the time of the award ceremony!!!
The commitment is therefore to hide well, very well! For example, there were those who camouflaged themselves at best among the ruined ravines of that wonderful ghost-town of Consonno – the former “land of toys” conceived by the visionary genius of the entrepreneur and noble Mario Bagno in the 60s. Consonno unfortunately became a ghost town. But… a perfect location, today, for the extravagant champions of hide and seek who have a lot of fun squatting behind a bale of hay or climbing a tree or breaking behind every obstacle (hiding place) created ad hoc. This year, the edition in its eighth edition, an all-Italian podium … As we said, an edition where we continued to hide to the bitter end (also to shelter from the rain that incessantly in the 3 days of the race was really felt, without being able to ruin the party). A three-day event organized in the surroundings of Consonno, a hamlet of the municipality of Olginate (Lecco), where there was the best of “intercontinental” hiders (and seekers). 80 teams from all over the globe, ready to compete for the coveted Golden Fig Leaf trophy!

Now a quote from the official website:

“This is the first and only hide-and-seek championship in the world. The competition is an invitation to come out into the open throughout the year and hide only during the weekend of the Hide and Seek World Championship. Hide and seek is a game practiced since the dawn of time in every corner of the Earth. Hiding is an animal instinct. The most popular game in the world deserves its World Championships. Hide and seek frees everyone.”

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