No, they do not come from space even though it may seem. But as with Superman, their purpose is security. Safety in sporting events, during public events but also on construction sites and road works. The range of SPAZIO MP2 barriers is enriched with a new color, an absolute novelty in the sector, krypton, a shade very similar to that of the mineral created after the explosion of the planet krypton, a perfect mix between yellow and green, almost fluorescent.

A color that greatly increases the visibility of the SPAZIO MP2 barriers, so as to make them highly visible in low light when the sun rises or sets, even more evident when they are reached by the lighting of the headlights of cars.

An absolute novelty in the world of barriers, so much so as to overcome as an effect the classic orange mesh that is used in the construction site, construction or road environment.


The SPAZIO MP3 Krypton will enter production in 2013 and will enrich the already excellent characteristics that allow it to stand out from the classic galvanized barriers, heavy and not very visible, and those in plastic, light but not very robust. The SPAZIO MP2 barriers are the right mix of strength, high visibility, lightness and thanks to them it is possible to fence even large areas in a short space of time and with fewer people than would be needed with other types of barriers, also obtaining a great result in terms of image, with a strong visual impact and a feeling of order, linearity and safety.


In fact, the SPAZIO MP3 barriers are characterized by:


  • lightness (one barrier weighs only 7.5 kg)
  • simplicity of management and use (even a single person can manage large sizes)
  • robustness and linearity (despite the low weight they are made of tubular steel Ø 32 mm and, thanks to the union of two panels with a single foot, the perimeter becomes a single and solid piece)
  • great visibility and greater safety, thanks to the new krypton range
  • availability of accessories for use in all ground conditions (foot or stake)
  • availability of accessories that facilitate the use of flags and signs, all pluggable directly into the foot of the barriers avoiding the use of cable ties or uncomfortable and improvised anchoring tools
  • easy application of banners thanks to the holes on the perforated mesh
  • stocking in small spaces: each pallet contains 40 linear meters, or 20 panels and 22 feet. All this facilitates transport even with small vehicles and stocking for those with limited space.