Many things have really changed in these months of 2020, especially the needs and priorities: one, which came to light for the first time, is to guarantee social distancing.

All our customers, organizers of small and large events, private or belonging to the Public Administration, have had to move or cancel the events already scheduled. After a first phase of discouragement, analyzing the situation from all angles, they came to the awareness that events cannot, must not be stopped, but must be reinvented, starting from the little ones who have begun to acquire greater importance.

Following the new suggestions and dictates of the new national, regional and local anti-COVID protocols, which have also highlighted the need to consider the people counter, as an important methodological tool, we felt called into question to analyze and update the solutions that in this sense has been proposing it for years.

Finally now we start again, with a real and optimistic desire on the part of everyone, including us to that we are ready.

In fact, some “brave” organizers of important events in Sardinia or others who have had the desire to make “at all costs” the traditional “village festival” in a “new and revisited” FORMAT, have already thought of our MP2 Space Barriers and the digital people counter.

Our will is therefore to give our support to all professionals of large or small events, to all the Mayors or Presidents of the local Proloco, to the managers of theme parks, shopping galleries, tourist villages, campsites, in short, anyone who wants or needs to secure their company, their work, its collaborators, guests and customers… Therefore, to all those who have to think and work for make your event more and more safe, without changing the “mood” of each event which is fun, relaxation and the possibility of making a meaningful personal experience.

That’s why we at, in response to security needs and to comply with all the advice and obligations provided by the anti COVID protocols, including indications on social distancing, we have introduced some new solutions for “small events”, which are alongside those already tested for years for large events or… as they say in English for “mass events”.

  • Electronic people counter and digital flow managementThe characteristics of our SMART digital people counters allow the management of flows at the entrance and exit gates, independently setting the capacity and the alert of exceeding thresholds. The advantages are certainly the modularity and the perfect integration with the Transenne Spazio Mp2 system, an easy and immediate installation, a simple and always precise technology. The data transmission takes place in real time, with the possibility of data visualization on each available gate and, if desired, from a control unit on which it is possible to independently set the maximum capacity of the affected area and therefore manage the alert through a “simple” traffic light (visual signal) at the entrance.

When the complexity of events requires it, such as Lucca Comics or Il Salone del Libro, the system of MpCounter electronic people counter allows you to manage multiple zones and areas, reading and analyzing data remotely, so as to intervene during the event or also make considerations on flows for subsequent editions.

  • Social, makes available to its customers with the simple application of some “COVER“, a SMART system designed to maintain social distancing in events, public events and therefore in the management of public flows. These Covers have therefore been designed to be simply worn on the Spazio Mp2 Barriers, they are simple to interpret and very understandable and therefore allowing you to indicate exactly to the public the precise point in which to stop along the delimited path to maintain the right and expected safety distance. In this way every row, any “snake” of Transenne Spazio MP2 become a tool for effective delimitation and clear communication of messages, not only advertising, but also related to the needs of “Safety and Security“.

Both solutions are therefore aimed at those who have to manage from large to small events or in any case to those who need to manage the maximum capacity of a delimited area (whether indoor or outdoor) and allow in complete safety to maintain interpersonal social distances between the participants. Such as, who has to manage an area such as an outdoor municipal market, a sports hall, a sports field, a trade fair pavilion, an area such as an outdoor pool even of a tourist village or an area of cultural interest such as a path inside gardens, historic buildings, museums, thematic areas, congress halls, hospitality, sports centers, shopping areas, rooms for private parties, open-day, team building…

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