Here’s how to rethink spaces in the time of CovidMany things have really changed in these last months of 2020, we certainly did not expect that the pandemic could have a “second wave” so strong as to make us fear that we could not celebrate during the “usual” Christmas period. You know, we Italians are strongly linked to our traditions, certainly to Christmas but also to go to the Shopping Center for the usual Christmas shopping in the shops of our favorite brands.

But, as we said above, this “second wave” is making the whole world tremble again. Then, the new Prime Ministerial Decree of 4 December 2020, does not sanction anything different from what could unfortunately be expected! – perhaps in our hearts, as compulsive buyers but also as small entrepreneurs who manage commercial activities, we hoped for a wider scope. Now, we just have to, diligently, accept and try to go to the Shopping Centers from Monday to Friday, queue up and try to enter respecting the proposed anti-gathering rules.

But the Shopping Center? How will it be able to adapt quickly to this new challenge?

Certainly with a limited number of access, thus limiting and controlling the numbers at the entrance and exit gates with barriers that allow you to manage the rows / queues but also the internal capacities of your shopping galleries, in order to pursue the anti-gathering rules and be able to limit as much as possible the flow of the many guests of the Christmas shopping 2020. The system, with the Barrier Space Mp2 and its own barrier systems with people counters it could be the modular solution to manage and regulate access and exit flows, perhaps guaranteeing with mandatory routes that lead guests to a targeted and more streamlined shopping, so as to guarantee numerical recycling by dividing and controlling not only internal areas, but also external ones.

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