Now become “classic”, organized by the GSA Cometa, fifth edition of the 10 Km of Manzoni through the streets of Lecco, on the splendid day of last 25/06/2016.

As usual, the great protagonist, sport in the Lecco weekend of 25-26 June; now become a guarantee and a classic Lombard summer: the 10 Km of Manzoni has winded as usual through the streets of the beautiful and famous city praised in the novel by Manzoni himself: the city of Lecco.

Incredible success of participation for this 5th edition that combines as always moments of competition with real moments of celebration of sport. as every year, renews, thanks to GSA Cometa, its participation, making “the setting in the splendid setting” of the capital Lariano. was there!

Thank you all and …… next year and the next event.

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