As usual, in the “market square” (Piazza Garibaldi) of Mandello del Lario (LC), in the splendid lakefront location between the historic center and the public gardens behind the Darsena Falck, the 12th Edition of the Biker Lagheé Fest was held. A “SIGNOR” motormeeting, which attracts thousands of people, including, certainly, bikers and motorcycle and engine enthusiasts, but not only … also many young people, children and therefore families and tourists passing through.
Also this year great brands such as Moto Guzzi (historic Italian and world brand at home in Mandello Lario), but also Harley Davidson, Ducati, Indian and BMW to draw attention to old glories and new market advances. As well as numerous manufacturers of “special” motorcycles and as many professionals and enthusiasts of the customized bikers world in general.

To keep everyone in suspense the countless acrobatics offered by professional athletes of the caliber of Ema Angius, who through ramps and their tricks, have kept all those present with their noses up during all the free style tests of the 3 days.

To close the circle the refreshment area and market that as always have cheered and kept faith with the motorcycle world, making the 12th edition an excellent edition like all the previous ones!

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