A weekend of incredible sun, good food, colorful and incredible stands of any kind, motorcycles everywhere and of any kind … and above all SPECTACULAR acrobatic performances with the bikes of the “Mandellese” free style champion Emanuel Angius and other riders, including the very young but already established Luca Petrella, Italian TR2 champion in 2015.

All these were the ingredients for the eleventh edition of the Biker Laghée Fest, an incredible “motormeeting” held as usual along the lake (market square and Piazza Garibaldi in Mandello al Lario).

The friends of Smi (Service Music Italia) and the group of Bikers of the Laghée Fest and all the fans who took part chose Transenne.net again, specifically Spazio Mp2 to safely frame the area of the spectacular performances, for the second consecutive year.

Happy to have been there and to have again participated in the event that sends us back to the next edition 2017.
Stay Tuned #11°LaghéeFest #BikerFestMandello #MotoradunoMandello2016 #SpazioMp2 #TransenneNet #MotoradunoMandello

(Source of the images used in the gallery: Web/Facebook/Instagram … by Smi Italia and Lagheè Mandello 2016 and cit. excerpts and articles / news from various authoritative online newspapers)