More than 700 athletes registered x run 2 times on a 5 km ring in the historic center of Monza from 21:00 on 14/05/2016.
Many prominent national and international athletes, who have kept a really high pace for the event, now in its 9th edition and clearly became a competitive appointment with its 10K CHRONO race at night on Saturday. Prominent results for many VIP participants from the world of running sports, who now participate mainly to compete on this distance with international protagonists.

On Sunday morning, the equally well-known and “almost folkloristic” 10K POPULAR, which gives the opportunity to many athletes, from budding to those so-called “Sunday”…. of all ages, colors …. and, without wanting to be discriminatory towards anyone, but it would be added of any “race” given the participation of many 4-legged friends, strollers etc. etc. 🙂

Present many VIPs from the political world of the Brianza capital town, the entertainment world and “old Blue glories” (I hope no one is offended!)., with Spazio Mp2 had for the first time the honor of participating in this classic Lombard spring. It ended with a great celebration of the city invaded by thousands of sports and non-sports families.

Happy to have been there and to have participated in this way, he sends you back to the next autumn edition. Stay Tuned #10kMonza2016 #SpazioMp2