Ngeno Daniel Kipkirui, with a time of 29 minutes and 53 seconds, is the athlete, to cross the finish line first of the “ten kilometers of Manzoni”, the running race organized by the GSA Cometa, now in its sixth edition, which has “invaded”, with 800 runners, the long lake of Lecco, on the evening of Saturday 24 June.

Really a great success for the Gsa Cometa Asd team, which organized the event in collaboration with Coni and Fidal (Italian Federation of Athletics); “we managed despite the weather conditions this morning to put the whole route in the bubble for a regular and technically valid race, we are really happy to have broken the record of participants – these are the words Ruggero Forni, president of the GSA Cometa, who already thinks about next year and announces that some news bubbles in the pot – some improvement can be made, if the number grows again, we can think of splitting the race between women and men”.

“I think that the events we do in the center create opportunities to promote the territory, these are incredible opportunities, sports tourism must be encouraged, we always host high-level athletes and we are lucky enough to have the most beautiful lake in the world. Few races, 4 or 5 in a year, but well organized like this”, so the councilor for sport Stefano Gheza, who explained how we must select high quality events to limit the inconveniences, especially to the viability, that citizens complain.

The event, however, remains a party, first of all for the athletes lined up on the starting line, but also for the many Lecco and not, who poured on the roads to incite and support them along the race track, reconfirmed by recent years, of just over 3km, to be repeated 3 times.

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